Visit to Indianapolis – Part 2

In progress Snow is not common in Indianapolis. However, when it does snow, it is thoroughly enjoyed at Verity Institute. My parents and Christi left to go back to Cleveland after church on Sunday, leaving Andrew and I to spend time with Matthew and Libby and to do various projects around Verity. When the snow sculpture contest was announced, we, being Clevelanders, quickly joined. After rolling five massive balls of snow, we started creating a bigger than life 4-wheeler. There were two other teams in the competition, and we received 2nd place for our creation. The #1 team specialized in detail and creativity. They had a sculpture of Jesus walking on water symbolizing life, and across the road they had a graveyard symbolizing death. In the graveyard, they even had a tombstone for a resident adviser who had just resigned. That certainly was creative! 🙂

The Result

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