Anniversary Adventure – Part 1

peaceHappy 28th wedding anniversary Mom and Dad!  You have been such a Godly example and guiding hand in my life.

To celebrate Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary, we decided to visit the Allegheny mountains. Since Andrew and I (Daniel) were the only children at home, it was a two parent, two child adventure.

After travelling a short 3 hours to the hills, we arrived at Bent Run Falls around 7 PM. We had been at this waterfall previously, but thought it was worth a second visit. Bent Run Falls is a long line of little waterfalls cascading down a mountain, and it was a ton of fun to explore the various levels of the falls. Because we still needed to set up camp before sunset, we only had 45 minutes, which went by in a flash — especially with a camera in hand. Shortly before calling it a night, we played several aggressive rounds of UNO, and I snapped several photographs near the water of the beautiful evening.

Click here for part 2.

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