When the 5 Hancock children were little, they greatly looked forward to going to our home school summer conferences where they would attend a special session just for young ones call the Children’s Institute. I remember the first year that Christianna, age 4, was allowed to attend. I’m not sure how much she learned that year, but I know attending did set a precedent of seeking God in her life. As she grew, she would tell us (at times hurriedly before her older 4 siblings would interrupt :-O ) the things they learned -like the Obedience Song or the Names of God. Now, much older, things are a little different. This year she is looking forward to being the 5th child in our family to teach¬† in the CI. It will now be Christi’s turn to guide a younger generation of children¬† by helping them to learn the love and wonder of God. Still, I’m not sure who grows more -the children or the teachers?

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