Over the past few weeks the majority of our family had a chance to learn more about music during a music camp called NoteWorthy (at Verity Institute). We learned some about how to conduct a choir, an orchestra, and children’s choir. That was only part! Some of the other topics and classes we learned/participated in included choir (not conducting this time), song writing, orchestration of a hymn, and volleyball (Oops…. that is not a topic or class… oh well it was fun:)). We learned about solfege, which is a musical scale that uses hand motions, and its scale is “do re mi fa sol la ti do.” solfege’s claim to fame probably would be the movie, The Sound of Music (“Do – a deer, a female deer. Re-a drop of golden sun”).


At one point our choir had a chance to sing at a church on Sunday, but the best part was the bus trip to the Church. It is not that I have a great love for buses, but is was because we sang the whole trip… and to us at least it sounded pretty good. At the end, as grand finale, we had a concert that included choir and orchestra… and a few examples of our final course work.

IMG_7434  IMG_7638a6372


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