IMG_9223Snow in October is always a blessing – at least to me. For others, it is a character building exercise. 🙂

“Take a look out the window if you want to see something interesting,” I heard coming from outside the door of my room. I had a suspicion that I knew what it was, so I bounced out of my warm bed to take a look. Yes, it was snow! We had a fantastic winter storm, complete with lightning, thunder, snow, and sleet. Later, as we sat down for breakfast, we heard a crack and thud. We all hurried to the window to see the bouncing power lines, and our dropped phone line. One of our neighbour’s branches had fallen on it and ripped it off our house. Since the leaves were still on the trees, the extra weight from the snow had broken multiple branches off, and heavily bent many more. We soon went out to shake snow off of branches to prevent further damage and to clean up from the damage that was made. My camera also came out for a while. 🙂 Despite the continued snow and sleet, an AT&T serviceman came not long after our calling, and repaired our phone line. Adventure and winter wonder!

You missed Autumn everyone!




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