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ComradesSince I follow several blogs, as many of you probably do also, checking each website individually can take quite a bit of time. Almost all blogs have a method for notifying readers of new posts called RSS. RSS feed readers will regularly check all the blogs you follow for updates, so you only have the website of your RSS feed reader to visit in order to view the updates from multiple websites. I use Thunderbird as my email and my RSS client, but there are many other options available. Feedly is one of the more popular, but requires a previous Google or Facebook account. There are other options available too. Click here for a review of some of the best.

Either way, if you enjoy multiple blogs, I would highly recommend you start using an RSS feed reader so you can stay updated on your favourite websites, but not spend the time of checking them individually.

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  1. I personally use and definitely find using it very helpful. I switched over when they were shutting down Google reader.

    • Thanks for the comment! I also have used Google reader previously, and I’ve tried several readers since then. Evidently you’ve been pleased with

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