2014 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas! We hope you have a joyous time with family and friends celebrating our Saviour’s birth!

This past year has been a busy one, as yours has probably been also. Each year seems to get busier, doesn’t it? Here are some highlights from our past year.

Mark: Dad has continued working at Humaneering with my grandfather (his Dad). When at home, he often joins us in various activities such as Dutch Blitz (a family favorite) or airsoft.

Dawn: Mom is readily available to help us in our pursuits (which takes a lot of time), and she has been enjoying music as both a hobby and a business. Last year, she went to Noteworthy (a three week music camp) with the rest of us. This year, she went to a Majesty Music conference, which was a special time for her. She also continues to have voice and piano lessons for Andrew, Christi, and I (Daniel), as well as for a couple friends. She and I also do Children’s Choir at our church – which is a lot of fun!

Libby: Libby is living in Indianapolis, and working for a nonprofit organization. Cyro, her kitten, has recently reached 6 months in age. He brings her plenty of excitement!

Matthew: Matthew moved back from Indianapolis last year, and he was self-employed in remodeling and handyman projects for a few months – before deciding to work back into more of an office job. This resulted in about a month and a half at the East Cleveland Public Library as a temporary accounting assistant, 4 months in a contract position in Nestle’s collections, and finally a more permanent job with a market leader in mercury testing equipment. He also has helped with many of the house projects at our new house. In his spare time, he enjoys writing on insights from the Bible at his blog, www.anewperspective.in.

Andrew: Andrew started out this year working with Matthew on some of his handyman jobs. During summer, he started a job at the local hardware store in a definite answer to prayer. When not at his job, he is working on a Bachelors of Business Administration – as well as his Masters in Airsoft Tactics. Okay, maybe he is not getting his masters in airsoft, but he does enjoy airsoft with friends and family, and it is always fun to see his creativity at work with his gun designs.

Daniel: I’ve been enjoying work at a horse-farm, as well as several other jobs as they come up. One of my favorites is the occasional photography shoot that I receive. School has also been going well, and I should be graduating next year from high school.

Christi: Christi is continuing her school studies and will be doing a couple dual enrollment courses with Verity to get credit for both high-school and college.

So that’s it for us! We’d love to hear how you have been doing.


The Hancocks


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