Thank you Mom!

Today is mother’s day! This isn’t typically a huge holiday in our house… but Mom is a big deal! Thank you mom for your consistency over the years and how you have chosen to do wIMG_8798hat is right rather than what is easy on so many occasions.

Over the past several weeks, you have chosen to mostly work on meals and inside house work (the type of thing you appreciate but don’t exactly enjoy doing…), while we were outside doing the “exciting” stuff – like dropping trees. Speaking of which, you have been a bit patient with us on that. As I write, there are logs spread over much of our yard, not to mention the fact that it took 3 Saturdays to drop 2 trees! Oh. What was that about the power lines being dropped? You didn’t panic, but just kept going like with life as normal.

It has been neat seeing you work to overcome various struggles in your life,IMG_8991 and once conquered, leaving them that way. This takes self-discipline. Thank you for practicing it and working to teach us the same.

Above all, as we come to you with questions, comments, and more than occasionally, murmurings and complaining (well speaking for myself on the last one…) you keep pointing us back to the Bible and reminding us that while life has difficulties and uncertainties, God’s Word has all the answers. Keep up the good work looking unto Jesus, as He is our standard of right and truth.  We Love you!IMG_8978 20150425_183855 IMG_4154 IMG_1763 IMG_4214 IMG_7215   IMG_8852_02  IMG_8957_01

Christi and Mom after making the Cake

Christi and Mom after making the Cake


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  1. I will agree with you that you have a very special mom!! She is an example to me in many areas. You are truly blessed to have such a godly mother!

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