Anniversary Adventure – Part 2

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IMG_9593Started my day at the lake at about 6:30 A.M.. It was cloudy, so there was not much color at the time of sunrise. However, it did make for some interesting photographs. We ate, and then drove to Tracy Ridge, where we went for a 5 mile hike. Since we were expecting beautiful scenery, we were disappointed when we found a mostly bare, gypsy moth eaten forest. Evidently, this is one of the least scenic areas in the park.

However, since there is no shortage of places to visit in the Alleghenies, we drove up to the small city of Bradford. Here, located on some of the public land owned by the water authority, is a geocache near the top of the hill. After climbing/bushwhacking through much undergrowth and briers, we finally arrived at the cave in which the geocache was hidden. This area was more interesting, as the hillside was covered with large boulders. We then drove to Rimrock, to end our day with a scenic sunset and a cool (literally) cave. The area around Rimrock is gorgeous, and there were still a few mountain laurel blooming.

Now that the day was ended, 🙂 we went back to our camping area, where I snapped a couple photographs of the twilight sky. It was a busy but fanatic day – I’m so thankful to God for bringing it together so perfectly. Photographs for this day are provided by Andrew Hancock.



A salamander we found.

A salamander we found.







Anniversary Adventure – Part 1

peaceHappy 28th wedding anniversary Mom and Dad!  You have been such a Godly example and guiding hand in my life.

To celebrate Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary, we decided to visit the Allegheny mountains. Since Andrew and I (Daniel) were the only children at home, it was a two parent, two child adventure.

After travelling a short 3 hours to the hills, we arrived at Bent Run Falls around 7 PM. We had been at this waterfall previously, but thought it was worth a second visit. Bent Run Falls is a long line of little waterfalls cascading down a mountain, and it was a ton of fun to explore the various levels of the falls. Because we still needed to set up camp before sunset, we only had 45 minutes, which went by in a flash — especially with a camera in hand. Shortly before calling it a night, we played several aggressive rounds of UNO, and I snapped several photographs near the water of the beautiful evening.

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Church Homeschool Field Trip

  Yesterday, several homeschool families from our church went on a Ohio history field trip. We visited Viaduct Park, and learned about the past of a mill and electrical plant that were there previously. The two business shared the water supply – the mill had the water during the day and the electrical plant during the night. Most people didn’t need electricity during the day, they just needed the light at night. Slightly different than it is today. 🙂

Afterwards, we stopped for lunch at a nearby picnic shelter.



Raising Entrepreneurs


IMG_5193Last weekend we went to a conference in Columbus, Ohio on Christian education and small business. It was done by the Stelzl family: We camped Friday night at Alumn State Park. However, we didn’t get much of a chance to explore, seeing we set our tent up during a lunch break. After tearing our tent down at sunrise, we went to the church where the conference was located, and set our tent up again to dry.

The Stelzl family had some excellent points. A couple of these that I found interesting were:

  • The present day education system is set up in a manner similar to the Greeks. It is designed to create autonomous individuals who rely and support the democratic state. The Hebrew system was based on discipleship – those who had the knowledge would teach those underneath them. It had a firm authority structure, with God at the top.
  • The Greeks desired to give all responsibilities related to children to the government. God gave the responsibility of raising up children to their parents.
  • IMG_5178The current system is designed to create a large majority of C students. Standardized tested encourages quick but temporal memorization of the facts without requiring actual understanding of the concept. Those who memorize the best get the best grades. This means only a small percentage get a A grade. In fact, this was even what President Woodrow Wilson envisioned: “We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class of necessity in every society, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.” – Woodrow Wilson.
  • Many corporate business require extreme loyalty. This type of loyalty should only be given to God and a family.


I had to get a picture of Mom and her uh... Er... Hammer?

I had to get a picture of Mom and her…  Er… Hammer?

Church Bible Quiz

Last night, we went to our church to meet with our homeschool group for a Bible quiz. With several levels of difficulty, all ages of students were tested; although, some of the younger kids needed some assistance. 🙂 The passage for the older group was Genesis 1-8.

A correct answer

A correct answer


“Concentration” – it wasn’t easy

Watching the activities

Visit to Indianapolis – Part 2

In progress Snow is not common in Indianapolis. However, when it does snow, it is thoroughly enjoyed at Verity Institute. My parents and Christi left to go back to Cleveland after church on Sunday, leaving Andrew and I to spend time with Matthew and Libby and to do various projects around Verity. When the snow sculpture contest was announced, we, being Clevelanders, quickly joined. After rolling five massive balls of snow, we started creating a bigger than life 4-wheeler. There were two other teams in the competition, and we received 2nd place for our creation. The #1 team specialized in detail and creativity. They had a sculpture of Jesus walking on water symbolizing life, and across the road they had a graveyard symbolizing death. In the graveyard, they even had a tombstone for a resident adviser who had just resigned. That certainly was creative! 🙂

The Result

Visit to Indianapolis – Part 1

Libby was one of the Clue Characters

Libby was one of the Clue Characters

Andrew and I have been needing to take a certain CLEP test, so we decided to combine our test with a visit to Libby and Matthew at Verity Institute. On Friday evening, we took part in a fun game of Clue – using Verity rules. We ended up travelling the main building many times in search for clues. It was a fun time; although, I still have a while before I will understand exactly how to play clue. 🙂

In Deep Thought

My Clue team in deep thought



The snow followed us from Cleveland. :)

The snow followed us from Cleveland. 🙂



Parent’s Night Out

The TeamLast night, in an effort to give the parents quality time together alone, several of the older homeschool kids at our church taught the younger children while the parents went out together. Since Andrew and I (Daniel) have done the Children’s Institute several times with an organization called IBLP, it was fun to practice some of the skills we had learned. We worked on memorizing a verse, as well as learning a lesson from the parable of the Good Samaritan. Hopefully, by God’s grace, we were able to be a blessing to both the parents and the children.


Psalms 5:3

Psalms 5:3

Too often, we fail to spend quality time with God in the mornings because we place too high of priority on sleep. If we would exercise self-control and go to bed at a good time and get up at a good time (forget that your alarm clock has a snooze button), our time in the mornings with God would be much more blessed.


“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” – I Thessalonians 5:18

We had our family Thanksgiving Saturday evening. It was a great time to spend time together, especially since we have Libby and Matthew here for the month from Indianapolis! Mom made the cranberry salad; Libby made the mashed potatoes; Matthew made the stuffing; Andrew did the turkey, and Dad carved it; I [Daniel] did the salad, and Christi did the pumpkin pie. We all enjoyed the food, and afterwards we played some Dutch Blitz. So much to be thankful for, family, food, a place to live, and most of all, eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.