When the 5 Hancock children were little, they greatly looked forward to going to our home school summer conferences where they would attend a special session just for young ones call the Children’s Institute. I remember the first year that Christianna, age 4, was allowed to attend. I’m not sure how much she learned that year, but I know attending did set a precedent of seeking God in her life. As she grew, she would tell us (at times hurriedly before her older 4 siblings would interrupt :-O ) the things they learned -like the Obedience Song or the Names of God. Now, much older, things are a little different. This year she is looking forward to being the 5th child in our family to teach  in the CI. It will now be Christi’s turn to guide a younger generation of children  by helping them to learn the love and wonder of God. Still, I’m not sure who grows more -the children or the teachers?

What to do in February

It’s February and this is the time of year that we begin our spring cleaning. Not that everyone is delighted to get started, but what is exciting is freeing up ourselves from clutter and crud. Another thing that encourages us to push on is knowing that when the spring weather begins, we can be out there sooner enjoying it.
Decluttering is a favorite beginning point since it produces fast visual results (and we’re encouraged to plod on). Since there were books piled on the floor, dressers, nightstands, and even on top of others on the shelf, it wasn’t a hard decision to cull here. What has improved this job is Amazon. We’ve put several no longer need books for sale and have already sold some of them. Decluttering is even better when it brings in revenue.


It was a cold and windy day…but Daniel wanted to go for a hike and try out his new camera. We headed out to the nearby metro park after layering up with thick coats, heavy gloves, and warm hats. Evidently others thought the same about the weather as we saw few other people. Trying to find interesting subjects to photograph during a Midwestern January is a tough challenge, especially when there’s no snow and slight sunshine. The colors around us were largely monochromatic browns and greys, mud colors, but as you can see, Daniel did find some spots of beauty. As for me, I enjoyed spending time with Daniel and seeing the hidden loveliness of God’s creation.




Frozen Still

Still Living

Blessings of our church family

Having a great church family adds so much to our lives! The bond we share in being brothers and sisters in Christ goes beyond Sunday morning worship services. We just plainly enjoy being together! In fact often many of us will stay after the services are over to talk. Well, that’s if you’re an adult. The children have just as much fun as you can see from the picture.During the cold winter months we get together for theme lunches then have our Sunday “evening” service afterwards (around 1:30pm). You can see the enthusiasm these meals generate in the third picture 🙂