IMG_9223Snow in October is always a blessing – at least to me. For others, it is a character building exercise. πŸ™‚

“Take a look out the window if you want to see something interesting,” I heard coming from outside the door of my room. I had a suspicion that I knew what it was, so I bounced out of my warm bed to take a look. Yes, it was snow! We had a fantastic winter storm, complete with lightning, thunder, snow, and sleet. Later, as we sat down for breakfast, we heard a crack and thud. We all hurried to the window to see the bouncing power lines, and our dropped phone line. One of our neighbour’s branches had fallen on it and ripped it off our house. Since the leaves were still on the trees, the extra weight from the snow had broken multiple branches off, and heavily bent many more. We soon went out to shake snow off of branches to prevent further damage and to clean up from the damage that was made. My camera also came out for a while. πŸ™‚ Despite the continued snow and sleet, an AT&T serviceman came not long after our calling, and repaired our phone line. Adventure and winter wonder!

You missed Autumn everyone!




Capture the Flag

Within the past couple of months, a local golf-course has been sold to the Cleveland Metroparks. The Metroparks are planing on restoring it to a natural condition, but currently, the grass has grown fairly long. It is the perfect location for capture the flag.
To take advantage of this opportunity, we invited a group of friends and played for a couple of hours. Even the mothers played. πŸ™‚ Needless to say, since I was playing in the game, I didn’t have much chance for photography. However, we had a ton of fun, and I’m so thankful for everyone that showed up.

Beach Visit

IMG_7814Recently, Mom, Andrew, and I went to a nearby beach. It was a perfect time to go, as there had been a storm the day before, and it was still windy and cold. The beach was almost completely empty. We had fun walking the beach and looking at everything the storm washed in. One of the most interesting things, was there seemed to be thousands of ladybugs in various places. They seemed to be everywhere. Despite the air being quite cold, the water was fairly warm, so I went wading; Mom and Andrew failed to follow. πŸ™‚ It was a little cold when I stepped out of the water again.



Tabletop Conversation

Some questions just demand to be shared. Last night, one of these questions was asked, and let’s see if you know the answer.

“All of you know that Jesus was physically crucified just outside the city of Jerusalem. However, what is the name of the city which spiritually crucified Him?”

The answer is in Revelation 11:8. It is the same place where the two witnesses will be slain, and will later rise, as Jesus Christ did.

Obstacle Course

Clean for a little bit...

Clean for a little bit…

Recently, Andrew, Mrs. Bushrod (a lady from the church), and another young man from church had spent a fair amount of time on planing and making an obstacle (with the help of a couple others). On Saturday, several of the families from church gathered, went through the course, and enjoyed the time with the mud and each other. πŸ™‚







Β IMG_9764


Over the past few weeks the majority of our family had a chance to learn more about music during a music camp called NoteWorthy (at Verity Institute). We learned some about how to conduct a choir, an orchestra, and children’s choir. That was only part! Some of the other topics and classes we learned/participated in included choir (not conducting this time), song writing, orchestration of a hymn, and volleyball (Oops…. that is not a topic or class… oh well it was fun:)). We learned about solfege, which is a musical scale that uses hand motions, and its scale is β€œdo re mi fa sol la ti do.” solfege’s claim to fame probably would be the movie, The Sound of Music (β€œDo – a deer, a female deer. Re-a drop of golden sun”).


At one point our choir had a chance to sing at a church on Sunday, but the best part was the bus trip to the Church. It is not that I have a great love for buses, but is was because we sang the whole trip… and to us at least it sounded pretty good. At the end, as grand finale, we had a concert that included choir and orchestra… and a few examples of our final course work.

IMG_7434Β  IMG_7638a6372


By Andrew



Indy Conference

IMG_7376Despite the current date being almost a month after the conference, the details remain the same. πŸ™‚ We learned a lot, talked a lot, and were encouraged by the fellowship of many new friends.

This year was my fourth year teaching the Children’s Institute. We spent three days of about 8 hours with the kids; we then rejoined our families for an evening session.

While the goal is to teach the children, I always learn a lot, both from the children and the curriculum we teach them from. Children are an excellent example of enthusiasm that all of us should learn from.

The conference ended on Friday, and we spent most of Saturday helping around Verity as well as having some time with Matthew and Libby.

We had planned on staying in Indianapolis untilΒ  after Church on Sunday. However, through a couple opportunities that presented themselves, we had a change of plans (to be detailed in the next post). πŸ™‚



Anniversary Adventure – Part 2

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IMG_9593Started my day at the lake at about 6:30 A.M.. It was cloudy, so there was not much color at the time of sunrise. However, it did make for some interesting photographs. We ate, and then drove to Tracy Ridge, where we went for a 5 mile hike. Since we were expecting beautiful scenery, we were disappointed when we found a mostly bare, gypsy moth eaten forest. Evidently, this is one of the least scenic areas in the park.

However, since there is no shortage of places to visit in the Alleghenies, we drove up to the small city of Bradford. Here, located on some of the public land owned by the water authority, is a geocache near the top of the hill. After climbing/bushwhacking through much undergrowth and briers, we finally arrived at the cave in which the geocache was hidden. This area was more interesting, as the hillside was covered with large boulders. We then drove to Rimrock, to end our day with a scenic sunset and a cool (literally) cave. The area around Rimrock is gorgeous, and there were still a few mountain laurel blooming.

Now that the day was ended, πŸ™‚ we went back to our camping area, where I snapped a couple photographs of the twilight sky. It was a busy but fanatic day – I’m so thankful to God for bringing it together so perfectly. Photographs for this day are provided by Andrew Hancock.



A salamander we found.

A salamander we found.







Anniversary Adventure – Part 1

peaceHappy 28th wedding anniversary Mom and Dad!Β  You have been such a Godly example and guiding hand in my life.

To celebrate Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary, we decided to visit the Allegheny mountains. Since Andrew and I (Daniel) were the only children at home, it was a two parent, two child adventure.

After travelling a short 3 hours to the hills, we arrived at Bent Run Falls around 7 PM. We had been at this waterfall previously, but thought it was worth a second visit. Bent Run Falls is a long line of little waterfalls cascading down a mountain, and it was a ton of fun to explore the various levels of the falls. Because we still needed to set up camp before sunset, we only had 45 minutes, which went by in a flash — especially with a camera in hand. Shortly before calling it a night, we played several aggressive rounds of UNO, and I snapped several photographs near the water of the beautiful evening.

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Church Homeschool Field Trip

Β  Yesterday, several homeschool families from our church went on a Ohio history field trip. We visited Viaduct Park, and learned about the past of a mill and electrical plant that were there previously. The two business shared the water supply – the mill had the water during the day and the electrical plant during the night. Most people didn’t need electricity during the day, they just needed the light at night. Slightly different than it is today. πŸ™‚

Afterwards, we stopped for lunch at a nearby picnic shelter.