Raising Entrepreneurs


IMG_5193Last weekend we went to a conference in Columbus, Ohio on Christian education and small business. It was done by the Stelzl family: raisingentrepreneurs.net. We camped Friday night at Alumn State Park. However, we didn’t get much of a chance to explore, seeing we set our tent up during a lunch break. After tearing our tent down at sunrise, we went to the church where the conference was located, and set our tent up again to dry.

The Stelzl family had some excellent points. A couple of these that I found interesting were:

  • The present day education system is set up in a manner similar to the Greeks. It is designed to create autonomous individuals who rely and support the democratic state. The Hebrew system was based on discipleship – those who had the knowledge would teach those underneath them. It had a firm authority structure, with God at the top.
  • The Greeks desired to give all responsibilities related to children to the government. God gave the responsibility of raising up children to their parents.
  • IMG_5178The current system is designed to create a large majority of C students. Standardized tested encourages quick but temporal memorization of the facts without requiring actual understanding of the concept. Those who memorize the best get the best grades. This means only a small percentage get a A grade. In fact, this was even what President Woodrow Wilson envisioned: “We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class of necessity in every society, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.” – Woodrow Wilson.
  • Many corporate business require extreme loyalty. This type of loyalty should only be given to God and a family.


I had to get a picture of Mom and her uh... Er... Hammer?

I had to get a picture of Mom and her…  Er… Hammer?

What to do in February

It’s February and this is the time of year that we begin our spring cleaning. Not that everyone is delighted to get started, but what is exciting is freeing up ourselves from clutter and crud. Another thing that encourages us to push on is knowing that when the spring weather begins, we can be out there sooner enjoying it.
Decluttering is a favorite beginning point since it produces fast visual results (and we’re encouraged to plod on). Since there were books piled on the floor, dressers, nightstands, and even on top of others on the shelf, it wasn’t a hard decision to cull here. What has improved this job is Amazon. We’ve put several no longer need books for sale and have already sold some of them. Decluttering is even better when it brings in revenue.

Blessings of our church family

Having a great church family adds so much to our lives! The bond we share in being brothers and sisters in Christ goes beyond Sunday morning worship services. We just plainly enjoy being together! In fact often many of us will stay after the services are over to talk. Well, that’s if you’re an adult. The children have just as much fun as you can see from the picture.During the cold winter months we get together for theme lunches then have our Sunday “evening” service afterwards (around 1:30pm). You can see the enthusiasm these meals generate in the third picture 🙂


Verity Guy’s Campout

While sorting pictures today – a more than a little late, I came across some photos I took during Verity’s Guy’s campout in September. The pictures of the ice cubes on the fire were from an experiment to see how much placement and ice cube size affected the rate at which the ice cubes melted.

Interestingly, the ice cubes sometimes blackened before they melted.