Mom’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom!

We celebrated mom’s birthday recently with home-made pizza! I made the crust, and mom, Christi, and Libby assembled the toppings.Pizza!

Thank you Mom for all your service to us as people, and together as a family! With dad, you patiently train us, act as a sounding board, and encourage us in righteousness. While thinking about the past year, what stood out to me most was how you have been working to stretch out your hand to the world around us. Keeping God and your family first, you have put an increased emphasis on encouraging others outside our family.

The words of king Lemuel, the prophesy that his mother taught him.
– Prov. 31:1

A mother’s words can have great effect on the future! Thousands of years later, we still study the words of king Lemuel’s mother! Matthew Henry, a Bible commentator, thought that “Lemuel” might have been a name Bathsheba called her son Solomon. He valued this relationship enough that he chose to use this name in this public written admonition to young men. All of us, your children, similarly call you blessed (Prov. 31:28).

Thank you for your investment into our lives! We love you!